Three Adorable Lion Cubs

Our adorable Northern Cubs are flourishing as they grow! The three cubs are constantly guided by their mother as she protects them and teaches them how to defend and hunt for their survival. They also have to be on the lookout for the two new male lions that we have released on the reserve as they are a threat to them. However, the cubs are getting stronger day by day. All in a day’s work in the wild.

Two Young Male Lions Released

Two young new male lions have also recently been released onto the reserve and are currently finding their way around the North. They are from a neighbouring game reserve and are quite the handsome pair, so stay tuned for updates as they familiarise themselves with the 25 000 hectares that is Shamwari.

Noelle and Winston Steal Hearts

Noelle and Winston are still as cute as can be and are completely infatuated with each other. They have bonded better than we’d hoped they would. And it’s wonderful that they have each other even though they lost their mothers. They are feeding extremely well and we have high hopes for them as they have grown quite a bit since our last update on them. They receive tremendous amounts of love every day from their care givers and are often the highlight of our guests’ visits to the animal rehabilitation centre.

Beloved Cheetah Passes

Towards the end of last month, we sadly lost one of our beloved cheetah to our dominant male lion on the reserve. The cheetah family made a kill whilst the big male lion was in the area and heard the commotion. Lions are a lot stronger than cheetah and he managed to get hold of her and did a lot of damage while the mom and brother managed to get away. She was taken to the animal hospital and Dr Johan and his team did the best they could to try and save her, however the injury caused by the lion was too severe and we lost her. We are deeply saddened by her passing and we hope that her mother and brother will overcome their loss. They were very all close. She was just under 18 months old and will be terribly missed.