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The South African Tourism Industry After Covid-19

22 June 2022 | PUBLISHED BY admin

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the global travel industry with the concomitant bankruptcies, restructurings, and job losses. A less obvious but concerning consequence is how it will impact conservation. In 2018 the United Nations World Tourism Organisation marked a milestone when it estimated that worldwide international tourist arrivals increased by 6% reaching 1.4 billion. This happened two years ahead of its projections. Its latest assessment of the impact of Covid-19 shows a decrease of 22% in the first quarter of 2020 with arrivals in March down 57%. This equates to a loss of 67 million international arrivals and US$80 billion

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South Africa Seasons: When Is the Best Time to Visit Shamwari

When going on safari it’s important to consider the seasons of the country you’re going to be visiting. The weather and environment will play a big role in your safari experience as you’ll be out in the elements most of the time. South Africa seasons can range vastly in terms of severity, depending on when and where in the country you’re travelling. South African Seasons South Africa has incredibly diverse landscapes and ecosystems, making it an ideal holiday destination year-round. It’s a beautiful country, located in the Southern hemisphere. Many factors influence the weather patterns and seasons in South Africa,

White Rhino Back in the Wild after care

In 2018 the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre received three orphaned rhinos in its care and well over a year later they were ready to be back in the wild.

The Heart-warming Lions of Lyon arrival at Shamwari

Horus, Cersei, Dadou and Thea travelled from France on Thursday to make their way to their new home at Shamwari's Jean Byrd Centre.

Ranger David Fraser Embarks on a Ranger Ride for Rhino Awareness

In October, David will be travelling from Shamwari to the Kalahari, on a motorbike to raise awareness about the rhino poaching epidemic.

A new wildlife rehabilitation centre at Shamwari!

Shamwari Private Game Reserve, this week, opened its new R5m Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Vervet Monkeys, a Common Sight at Shamwari

Vervet Monkeys, are a common sight at Shamwari. Get to know all about these inquisitive primates in our blog.