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Westley – Shamwari Game Ranger Q&A

22 March 2019 | PUBLISHED BY admin

Westley has been with the Shamwari rangers’ team for about 7 years. Read all about his guiding experience at Shamwari in his Ranger Q&A.

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5 Amazing Facts about Spekboom

In honour of World Planting Day, we thought we’d share some interesting facts about Spekboom. This wonder plant is found all over the reserve and is a firm favourite for many of our animals.

Capture The Moment

Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, Shamwari Game Reserve and Iky’s Photographics Pro Photo Safari package is right up your alley. Not only can you learn from award-winning photographers, but you’re also given the opportunity to capture the finest scenery that the Eastern Cape has to offer.

The Little Five (Smaller Animals at Shamwari)

The Little Five which include the elephant shrew, ant lion, buffalo weaver, rhinoceros beetle and leopard tortoise can be found all over South Africa.

James – Shamwari Game Ranger Q&A

James is a brilliant ranger who predominantly guides out of Long Lee Manor. He is incredibly well-liked by guests and colleagues alike. His enthusiastic personality, sense of humour and zest for life make him a great member of the Shamwari Team.

Annual Rhino Poaching Stats in South Africa

The annual rhino poaching stats have been released by the Department of Environmental Affairs. South Africa has..

10 Facts You Need to Know About Giraffe

Giraffe are incredibly interesting animals, apart from their rather odd appearance. We've got a list of ten facts that you need to know about these curious mammals.