Seeing baby animals run around, feet and ears out of proportion to the rest of their bodies is always a treat. The last two months we have had two new arrivals on the property. The first to be called in was a new baby elephant that has been giving us rangers and our guests many joyful sightings. Recently we watched as he drank water with his mother and played with the other slightly older elephant calves.

Rangers have also excitedly been calling in sightings of a white rhinoceros female and her new born calf. It has been a few weeks since the birth and the female has started to relax so that we have been able to enjoy sightings of the two grazing happily with a third, sub-adult male white rhino. This little rhino is curious and skittish and was startled a couple of days ago when he had wondered too close to a flock of Hadeda Ibises to see what they were. The Hadeda’s flew up, shouting as they flew, causing the little rhino to run to his mommy in panic.

I look forward to seeing more of these two inquisitive animals and watching as they grow and learn about the life around them at Shamwari Game Reserve.