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Shamwari’s Interview With Insider Travel Report Overview

Joe Cloete, the CEO of Shamwari, was recently interviewed by Inside Travel Report about our history, mission, and upcoming conservation-related efforts.

“Our mission at Shamwari has been, over the last 30 years, to bring back all the different animal species that occurred here many, many years ago, and we have largely accomplished that!”; assured Joe Cloete when asked what Shamwari is all about. Joe Cloete has been a devoted Shamwari Private Game Reserve employee since 1992.

Having started as a guide when approached by philanthropist Adrian Gardner, Joe Cloete is living proof of successful nature conservation through dedication, patience, and formidable effort. Much like Joe and every individual on a team, Shamwari Private Game Reserve is a prime example of how a daring, ambitious conservation initiative has turned the clock back and brought a part of Africa’s natural heritage back to its former glory.

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What Does Shamwari Have To Offer?

Long Lee Manor 8

Born of a need to conserve the land and its abundant wildlife, birdlife and ecological diversity, Shamwari Private Game Reserve offers a stay that will remain with you forever. David Cogswell, the interviewer, asked Joe Cloete practical, inviting questions that are interesting too. Including what Shamwari has to offer, particularly, the American market.

Seven Luxury Lodges

Seven luxurious lodges, ranging from intimate solitude to family-friendly, are available to guests at Shamwari, each with its own unique personality and attraction:

From Edwardian-styled suites and an astounding rim-flow pool to enjoying the upper deck with aerial viewing pods that provide panoramic views of the surrounding rock faces where eagles soar, Shamwari guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime safari holiday like no other. In addition, the Explorer Camp is situated near a koppie in the middle of the woods for more daring visitors.

Shamwari Game Drive

Safari Holiday

Luxury inspired by nature, a stay at Shamwari Private Game Reserve is an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature’s wonders:

Also, Shamwari proudly offers luxurious packages customised to make your stay with us extra special:

Shamwari Conservation Experience 1

Sustainable Conservation Project

The most imperative aspect of all our efforts at Shamwari Private Game Reserve is our sustainable conservation project that strives to preserve the fading way of life that is fading. And as our CEO, Joe Cloete, mentions in this interview with Insider Travel Report, “Shamwari is more than just building fancy lodges and seeing the wildlife; it is all about being a holistic, sustainable conservation project.”

Participants from all backgrounds are welcome at the Shamwari Conservation Experience. Volunteers, adventurers, students on gap years, and working adults on sabbaticals. Anyone passionate about protecting the environment! At Shamwari, conservation is at the heart of everything we do. Join us in preserving our planet’s biodiversity through our groundbreaking initiatives. By selecting Shamwari, you proactively support the preservation of endangered species and the development of local communities.

Shamwari Conservation Experience 3

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Shamwari Private Game Reserve. Click here to learn more about our conservation experience.

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What Are Shamwari’s Plans For The Future?

Rooihartebees At Shamwari Private Game Reserve

The Shamwari Private Game Reserve is still exploring ways to expand its conservation strategy and raise the reserve’s ecological significance. The 250 km2 reserve is now recognised as a conservation success story and is designated a Protected Environment. We have recently acquired 1,338 hectares north and south of the reserve for wildlife conservation and the reintroduction of spotted hyenas and African wild dogs.

New Vulpro Conservation Project

“We are very excited (as) we are, in all likelihood going to launch our Vulpro Project over the next couple of months, where we are to be setting up a breeding centre for endangered Cape vultures and other vulture species in South Africa threatened.” CEO Joe Cloete informed David Cogswell in the interview.

Anti-Rhino Poaching

Shamwari continues to fight to help end the devastating practice of rhino poaching. Both black and white rhinos are brutally hunted for their horns, as they are falsely believed to have therapeutic properties. We must debunk these myths and raise awareness about the real value of these magnificent animals. We are still working to safeguard the rhino population and have adopted a more proactive strategy than a reactive one.

At Shamwari Private Game Reserve, we are thrilled to unveil our cutting-edge approach in the fight against rhino poaching through technology:

  • Intelligent Surveillance
  • Drone Patrols
  • Rhino Bracelets
  • Secure Fencing
  • Collaboration

Watch our CEO elaborate on this in the interview with Insider Travel Report here.

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Discover the captivating wilderness of Shamwari Private Game Reserve! We offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of our vast landscapes, where wildlife thrives in its natural habitat.

Click here to book your stay with Shamwari Private Game Reserve today and witness the awe-inspiring power of majestic lions, graceful leopards, towering elephants as they roam freely across our pristine grounds, and so much more.

The game reserve comprises seven individual 5-star lodges, an Explorer Camp and three different education and rehabilitation facilities. Through the ethos of our conservation principles, we hope to convey our passion for preserving a rapidly endangered way of life.

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