Our Chefs are amazingly talented when it comes to special occasions. They’ve created a deliciously indulgent Valentine’s Fondue that you’ll love, with 3 mouth-watering recipes for you to make on Valentine’s Day to wow your significant other.

Indulge your sweet tooth with a mixed berry fondue, lavender shortbread biscuits and heart-shaped, rose water scented marshmallows! With this delectable combination, it’s the perfect opportunity to be romantic and spoil your loved ones.

It’s best to start with making your marshmallows.

TIP: Your marshmallows need to set overnight so make sure to prepare in advance!

Rose Water Scented Heart-Shaped Marshmallows:

Yield: 20-25 marshmallow hearts


50ml gelatine
250ml boiling water
600g sugar
330ml glucose
160ml water
15ml rosewater
A drop of pink food colouring gel
80ml cornflour
(extra optional: a little coconut to roll in)


1. Grease a 24cm x 34cm baking tray and line with baking paper.
2. Mix the gelatine and boiling water in the bowl of an electric mixer until the gelatine has dissolved. Set aside.
3. Mix the sugar, glucose and water in a saucepan over a moderate heat. Boil without stirring until it reaches the softball stage, 115 degrees Celsius on a sugar thermometer. Remove the glucose mixture from the heat as soon as it reaches the soft ball stage.
4. With an electric mixer running at a high speed, slowly add the glucose mixture to the gelatine. If the glucose mixture sets before you add it to the gelatine, you can add a few extra tablespoons of water to thin it. Add the rose water and food colouring, and beat until the mixture is thick and fluffy, about 10-12 minutes.
5. Pour the mixture into the baking tray and spread it out with a spatula. Work quickly as it begins to set almost immediately. Cover with another baking tray and refrigerate overnight.
6. Sieve the cornflour, dusting it over a work surface lightly. Turn the marshmallow out onto the cornflour. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Roll the sides of the marshmallow in some coconut and store in an airtight container for up to a week.

Secondly, make the scrumptious Lavender Shortbread which is enhanced with lavender-infused sugar.

TIP: Store these in an airtight container. Add sugar topped with wax paper at the bottom of the container before you add your biscuits to make sure that they stay crisp.

Lavender Shortbread:

Yield 500g


180g butter, softened
60g icing sugar
A dash of Vanilla extract
200g cake flour
60g cornflour
1ml salt
Sugar for sprinkling
Fresh Lavender flowers for drying


Use grease-proof paper, and flat baking sheets. Lightly grease the grease-proof paper and place onto the baking sheets.
1. Cream butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract until light and fluffy
2. Sieve cake flour, cornflour and salt together and gently incorporate into the butter mixture until a dough forms.
3. Rest the dough in the fridge for at least an hour.
4. Using a little extra cake flour and a rolling pin, roll the dough out on a flat surface until about 1cm thick.
5. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out the heart shapes from the dough.
6. Carefully lift and transfer to the baking sheet.
7. Sprinkle the dough with home-made lavender infused sugar.
8. Tip: Lavender infused sugar can be easily made by picking fresh lavender and washing it well. Then drying it slowly at about 50 degrees Celsius in the oven. The dried lavender can simply be de-stalked and the flowers used to incorporate into sugar and kept in an airtight container to use.
9. Bake the shortbread at about 170 degrees Celsius for approximately 20 min or until golden and cooked through.
10. Remove from oven and let it cool on a wire rack.
11. Store in an airtight container until needed.

Lastly, this fondue recipe is simple and divine! The mixed berry compote is quite tart and is paired with a rich creamy chocolate ganache to bring about a balance in flavour.

TIP: This sauce can be cooled and stored in your fridge once you’re done with your fondue. It also happens to be a great addition to be served with your ice cream on a hot Summer’s day!

Mixed Berry Compote & White Chocolate Ganache:



500g frozen mixed berries
30ml sugar
30ml lemon juice
100g white chocolate chips
50ml cream


1. Slowly heat and cook down the berries together with the sugar and lemon juice until soft and a compote has formed
2. Heat the cream in a small glass container in the microwave and as soon as it starts to bubble pour over the chocolate chips. Leave for a few seconds, then whisk until smooth.
3. Swirl the ganache into the berry mixture just as you are ready to serve.


Make this Valentine’s Day a great one with this delicious fondue and good company!