Shamwari Game Reserve has hosted the only aviation and travel-adventure show in Asia; the Asian Air Safari earlier this year. It was an incredible experience for all involved, though we were most impressed by the shows warm and welcoming host and producer Captain Joy Roa; a veteran pilot who flys himself around the world for his travel show Asian Air Safari.

Flying yourself for your own travel show, what a fantastic job! Captain Joy and his crew flew into Shamwari Game Reserve in mid-April on the final leg of their South African tour for Season 7 of their travel show, which has visited 38 different countries and all the continents, except Antarctica.

We were proud to show Captain Joy what Shamwari Game Reserve has to offer and enjoyed a mutual appreciation for Africa’s wildlife, nature and the wild open spaces.

Captain Joy was invited to witness the micro-chipping and DNA gathering from our rhino population, as part of our rhino poaching prevention programme. The delicate operation involved a lot of logistical planning and a large backup team to ensure the rhino’s safety as well as the success of the exercise.

Watch Captain Joy Roa on his Shamwari Game Reserve adventure and his travels in South Africa from the unique perspective of a real life pilot in the newest and seventh season of flying adventure and travel show, “Asian Air Safari”, Sundays at 8.30pm on ANC .