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Shamwari Game Reserve is situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, an area that was historically rich in wildlife. Many species were eradicated by means of hunting or indiscriminate farming practices. During the past twenty five years, 25, 000 ha of pristine and agricultural land was consolidated and rehabilitated. Remaining wild animal species were allowed to increase in numbers and species extinct to the region were reintroduced.





Shamwari is rich in various vegetation types that are suitable for an interesting variety of animal species. Large numbers of ungulates sustain a healthy population of lion, cheetah and the illusive leopard. Grasslands are home to white rhino and the subtropical thicket provides browsing for elephant and black rhino. Hippo are found in the riverine habitat. The reintroduced red billed ox-pecker is a common site on buffalo, rhino and giraffe.

Additionally, the flightless dung beetle, which is unique to the Eastern Cape, is another conservation success story.

Shamwari Wildlife Department

Experienced veterinary staff, qualified ecologists and some of the most advanced anti-poaching units in the country, are responsible for the management of the Shamwari ecosystem.

Intensive vegetation monitoring is complemented with sophisticated monitoring of intriguing animal species such as leopard, black rhino and brown hyena. A healthy herd of Cape Mountain Zebra is a good example of the conservation efforts implemented, to increase numbers of threatened species.

The Shamwari Wildlife Department is well-equipped with animal translocation and husbandry facilities. This ensures successful and humane transfers of excess animals to other reserves, to preserve their genetic biodiversity.

The ethos of our wildlife management is, responsible conservation to ensure sustainability – financially, ecologically as well as socially.