Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time safari-goer, there will always be several safari memories that stay with you, like experiencing an elephant calf and its herd in their natural habitat. That’s the beauty of the African bushveld.

Safaris are exhilarating. From the early morning wake up to excitedly heading out, the anticipation of what you may see is never dulled. One thing is for sure, there is nothing better than starting your day off out in the bush!

A herd of elephants and their calf

This elephant calf photo series was captured on an early morning safari. We left Eagles Crag Lodge and within an hour found a herd of elephants. The elephants were in the thicket, making the most of the succulent trees so we waited patiently hoping they would come out into the open. Our patience paid off after some time as they all moved into an area that we could view them. There were about 30 elephants in this herd that were enjoying their morning feed with one youngster that stole the show.


We sat and let the elephants come to us. The elephant calf was cautious initially towards the vehicle but after no time at all, he started showing off. He curiously watched us and would mock charge us whilst making himself look big by standing tall with his ears spread out. Yet still staying close to mom for protection.

He was playing with his trunk and pointing it in our direction to pick up on our scent. It was one of the most memorable sightings I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness. All the while he was still a bit clumsy in his actions although trying his hardest to look big and tough!

This sighting was an incredibly memorable one and will always be a fond safari memory at Shamwari Private Game Reserve

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