2017 is a very special year for us as it is our 25th anniversary! On the 15th of October 1992 Shamwari Game Reserve was established!

In light of this wonderful achievement, we will be hosting a series of special events and surprises throughout the year to commemorate our achievements over the years. Be sure to watch this space! There are a few key factors that have helped us to become one of the most successful private game reserves in Southern Africa..:

The People:

Firstly, the people of Shamwari. Every single dedicated Shamwari member has added to Shamwari’s success over the years. Many have come and gone but many have also stood the test of time and are still with us today. The people at Shamwari are what make us great. The staff behind the scenes, the chefs, the rangers, and every other person that works towards making Shamwari what it is, all contribute to giving our guests the best experience possible.

The Wildlife:

Secondly, the wildlife that we initially reintroduced into the area has flourished over the years. It was discovered that the Eastern Cape used to be one of the richest wildlife areas in Africa in terms of biodiversity. However, due to hunting, over farming and drought most of these species were eliminated during the 19th century. The original owners decided to return the land to its once pristine condition. Today, Shamwari comprises of 6 separate 5-star lodges, an Explorer Camp, 3 different education and rehabilitation facilities and employs over 325 local staff. It has been restored to its rightful state with the stunning Eastern Cape flora and fauna of yesteryear, teaming with free-roaming wildlife which allows for magnificent game viewing.

And Our Amazing Guests:

Thirdly, our amazing guests. We have been exceptionally fortunate to have the most wonderful guests that believe in Shamwari and everything we do. Each guest that experiences Shamwari Game Reserve contributes to the conservation of the 25 000 hectares of fauna and flora. The unconditional support over the years has been heart-warming to say the least. Thank you for an amazing 25 years and for allowing us to become the pride of the Eastern Cape in safari destinations. We look forward to continuing the adventure over the next 25 years with you!


We want to capture every single amazing memory our guests have made at Shamwari Game Reserve so that we can all share these special safari moments together!