We are well into our high season and our Explorer Camp has been exceptionally busy! The Explorer Camp team have been working very hard at making sure the guests have a walking safari experience to rave about.

There are various specialised guides that are dedicated to the camp. You will have two at any given weekend at the Camp, a leading trails’ guide as well as a back-up trails guide. These rangers are with you for the entire walking experience and are there to enjoy the experience alongside you.

One of the most exciting aspects of Explorer Camp is the unpredictability of the camp and the weekend’s activities. It is weather permitted and that makes it all the more interesting!

The Adventure:

Your adventure starts at Eagles Crag Lodge where you check in and are then escorted to the Camp followed by a scrumptious lunch to fully satisfy your hunger. All the while you and joined by your walking safari experts who eagerly await to get to know you and answer all your much anticipated questions.

A Walking Safari:

Once settled in, the fun commences with your first walk! The walks either start at the Camp or the rangers start with a game drive to an area that they have scouted for possible danger as safety is always a priority when walking amongst wild animals. The walks are also weather permitted and if the weather allows for it, they can last up to 3 or 4 hours but are filled with knowledge as you learn about the fauna and flora. Walking in the bush is a completely surreal experience. You get to be one with nature and see animals that you are more than likely to overlook when in a vehicle.

The Experience:

The animals see you differently when on foot and it is a thrilling experience! You arrive back at the camp famished! Thobani, the camp assistant, will have snacks and drinks waiting and prepares a delicious hearty meal that is appreciated after working up an appetite in the bushveld! It’s accompanied by a warm-hearted feeling as all the guests sit around the fire with their ranger and exchange stories and laughter. The perfect end to the day.

“Connecting with people and nature on a level that is beyond words is the beauty of Shamwari Explorer Camp.”

The Calling of the Bushveld:

At the break of dawn the bush awaits with anticipating wonder. Your morning begins with an early morning wakeup call, followed by some much-needed coffee with biscuits and rusks accompanied by the sounds of the birds and animals starting their day. The fire has been lit and it’s the perfect way to start your morning.

The rangers take you out on your first walk for the day and once again, the sightings are unique. After the walk, you return to the Camp for a mouth-watering breakfast prepared for your comfort followed by a relaxing morning around the Camp where you get to immerse yourself in its breath-taking views. A delicious lunch is then served in the dining area by Thobani and thereafter the guests can enjoy a lovely nap. In the late afternoon, the guests join their rangers on another walk.

Starry nights:

In the evening, you sit around the fire under the starts for yet another magical night. The guests and rangers connect on a personal level that makes the camp such a special experience.

One With Nature:

On your Sunday morning, you will enjoy one last walk in the bush and the last opportunity to be one with nature, thereafter breakfast awaits at the Camp. This simplistic but truly once in a lifetime experience will leave you longing for more. Connecting with people and nature on a level that is beyond words is the beauty of Shamwari Explorer Camp.

It is a truly spectacular experience that will give you an appreciation of nature and make you thankful for the little things in life. Great food, magnificent walks and sightings, and an appreciation of nature – a splendid adventure awaits!