We have two new little patients at the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. A young sable and a blesbok calf. The sable calf came from a nearby breeding farm after her mother died. It was touch and go for the first few days, but this little fighter made it through the worst and the future is looking brighter for her.

wildlife rehabilitation centre

Her friend, the blesbok calf, was brought in after the annual game capture at Shamwari Game Reserve. She was only a few weeks old and because of the threat that other animals would trample her, she was taken to a safe place and is now very happy with her new buddy, the sable. These two love lounging in the sun together and can’t help but look adorable round the clock.

We hope they go from strength to strength and I look forward to seeing them all grown up and strutting their stuff at the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre during your stay at Shamwari Game Reserve.

By Ranger Jone’ Fick