Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

At Shamwari Private Game Reserve we’re passionate about the conservation of nature and the animals within the reserve.

One of our endeavours includes the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, which helps to rehabilitate
and care for sick, injured, abandoned or orphaned animals under the care of our professional veterinary team. Once these animals have been nursed back to health, they are released back into their natural habitat.

Visit the Centre

As part of your safari experience with us, you will have the opportunity to visit the centre and the animals in our care. Upon arrival at the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, you will be met by a member of this caring team who will show you the facilities and explain what it is that they do.

It’s not an interactive visit, but informative and educational experience, in order to give animals the best chance at a successful release. During the recovery phase, “patients” are kept in custom built camps. Provided there are animals in care, an opportunity to meet them should arise during your visit.


The Plight of the Rhino

In recent times, the African rhino population has suffered major devastation due to poaching, resulting in a declining population. The once great numbers of these animals have dwindled to the point where it’s a growing epidemic and the species is bordering on extinction.

Rhinos banner

Our goal is to return all animals back to the wild

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Shamwari is a registered facility and as such, animals in need come from all over the Eastern Cape and even further afield. The primary goal is to ultimately return all the animals that are in our care back to the wild, or at least give them the best possible opportunity. To achieve this goal requires sensitive  management and treatment is required by our vet, vet nurse and the team.

In recent times our team has specialised in raising orphaned rhinos from the poaching epidemic that has become too common an occurrence in Southern Africa. Despite the horrific ordeals these young animals have endured, we have successfully raised and released several into safe environments where they are now helping to grow rhino populations for the future.

All species, big or small, are welcomed and embraced by our dedicated team who work tirelessly, day and night. Their reward is a weak orphan drinking for the first time, growing in strength and finally being returned to its natural environment.

Our Success Stories

Every animal in our care becomes part of the Shamwari family and we continue to follow their story wherever they go.

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