Vulpro @ Shamwari

Shamwari partners with Vulpro

Vulpro is the only vulture conservation organisation of its kind on the continent and is spearheading population restocking and supplementation to address the severe decline of African vulture species.

A Worthy Cause

Vulpro @ Shamwari offers a safe, well-balanced ecosystem for both in-situ and ex-situ conservation programmes and provides financial support and sustainability. Importantly it limits risk because the largest captive breeding population of vultures isn’t concentrated in one location. In addition, Shamwari’s anti-poaching unit provides good security.

Vulpro @ Shamwari comprises four enclosures. One open top enclosure which accommodates disabled Cape Vultures and another alongside, which houses semi flighted African White-backed Vultures with specifically designed ledges to optimise breeding. Both are off public view and are near the veterinary hospital. A third, adjacent to the existing Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, includes an artificial cliff to provide optimal conditions for breeding pairs of Cape Vultures. The fourth is a pre-release enclosure, built on high ground near the centre of the reserve, from where healthy, young Cape Vultures will be released. Further enclosures will be added over the next three years.