5 Things That Make a Luxury South African Safari Lodge

It’s possible for an establishment to claim they’re a luxury safari lodge. Only then on arrival being thoroughly disappointed in what you’ve spent your money on. You don’t want to be that person. That’s why it’s so important to do research before deciding on what South African safari lodge is right for you.

Begin by having a look at what past (and return) guests have to say about the lodge. Feedback of other guests is an important aspect to cover. Shamwari Private Game Reserve, for example, has a 1 000+ reviews and an average 5-star rating on Tripadvisor alone. Read those reviews and have a look at the ratings. They’ll give you a pretty good idea of what previous guests have experienced. However, a review isn’t all that sets the truly great South African safari lodge apart.

Here are Shamwari’s top 5 things that make a luxury South African safari lodge exceptional:

#1 You Get to See More Than Just the Big 5

For many tourists, it’s a must to see the Big 5 during their trip, which is completely understandable. Yet, there are so many other interesting and beautiful creatures. Every game drive you go on at Shamwari will be an exceptional one. South African safari lodges in the Eastern Cape, such as Shamwari, is home to abundant species of wildlife. Fauna and flora are also exclusive to the region.

Our guides and rangers carry a contagious passion for the local wildlife. They are extremely knowledgeable in their particular fields of expertise. You’ll not only learn a lot while out on a game drive or guided bush walk, but you’ll have loads of fun too.

Our guides and rangers also go the extra mile by including your specific area of interest, leaving you even more satisfied as a result.

South African Safari Lodge Shamwari game drive

#2 Conservation Is Valued Just as Much as Hospitality and Tourism

You rightly want to be treated like royalty when you visit a South African safari lodge. It’s what you deserve, after all.

Conservation is an ongoing and never-ending process that helps to ensure all fauna and flora in the region are well taken care of. Their continued survival and wellbeing are taken into consideration when they are valued.

The region which Shamwari inhabits used to be rich in wildlife. However, early hunters and settlers decimated the land, leaving it in a sorry state. Fortunately, with over two decades of intensive work, Shamwari was able to turn old farmland into the healthy and thriving ecosystem it is today.

Some of the conservation highlights during this time include:

  • The acquisition and healing of additional land
  • The reintroduction of mega-herbivores
  • The return of the Eastern Cape’s first large predators, since their eradication more than a century ago

At Shamwari, we continuously look for innovative ways we can grow, enhance and improve. Not only the ecology and our land, but the greater Eastern Cape as well.

When staying at a South African safari lodge such as Shamwari, you can feel good, knowing that you’re contributing to the home of the animals. Plus, you’ll be treated like African royalty yourself. What’s not to love?

The flightless dung beetle seen on a South African safari stay

#3 There’s a Wide Selection of Accommodation Options to Choose From

You want to find a luxury safari resort or lodge that meets your travel party’s needs. The right accommodation fit can make all the difference in ensuring all members of your party remain happy for the duration of your stay. That’s why Shamwari offers our esteemed guests the opportunity to choose between eight distinct accommodation options, each boasting their own unique air, honouring the specific location and animals roaming nearby.

The eight exclusive accommodation options guests get to choose from at Shamwari are:

  • Bayethe – An exclusive tented lodge without compare, Bayethe offers you the opportunity to embrace total tranquillity in the heart of the South African bush.
  • Eagles Crag – Ideal for guests seeking ultimate luxury and ultimate privacy. It’s surrounded by not only lush vegetation but also impressive cliffs. Located in one of Shamwari’s valleys, this lodges makes for an incredibly romantic getaway.
  • Explorer Camp – Those looking to attend an unforgettable Shamwari walking experience get to stay at this back to basics, but no less comfortable, tented safari camp. Perfect for the adventurous guest, the camp is situated on a plateau, amongst basalt and granite extrusions.
  • Lobengula – This lodge’s design was inspired by a traditional African kraal and has spectacular views of both the mountains and valleys. Its privacy makes it an ideal lodge for honeymooners.
  • Long Lee Manor – The historic manor house of the reserve, Long Lee Manor has recently been renovated to the highest standards. Guests can look forward to making use of several distinct features that will ensure their comfort throughout their stay. This tasteful manor only further enhances its gorgeous location on the property.
  • Riverdene – A family-friendly lodge that offers plenty of additional fun activities for the kids. You’ll love making treasured memories at the warm and welcoming Riverdene.
  • Sarili – This private lodge boasts a deck that overlooks the Bushman’s River. It’s a modern and comfortable lodge that’s perfect for families and friends craving an intimate wilderness retreat.
  • Sindile – If you’re looking to experience an unrivalled luxury tented safari, look no further than Shamwari’s latest tented camp. Return to the wild, without compromising on comfort.

South African Safari Lodge Sarili viewing deck

#4 Your Safety Is a Top Priority, Always

Taking antimalarial medications can really sour what could have been a wonderful vacation due to the nasty side-effects. Nobody can thoroughly enjoy a game drive, no matter how breath-taking the scenery, when feeling nauseous. Well, lucky for your travel party, you won’t have to take any antimalarial drugs whatsoever, as Shamwari is located in the malaria-free Eastern Cape.

Apart from not having to worry about taking precautionary medications, you can rest assured that all members of your group’s safety is a top priority. All lodgings are safe, secure and discreetly fenced in, without inhibiting your views of the surrounding landscapes. A child-minding service is available at an additional fee, ensuring guests too young to join in on a game drive is left in qualified hands.

A family enjoying a South African Safari Lodge sunset

#5 It’s Suitable for a Variety of Occasions

What could be more special than to celebrate your special occasion at a once in a lifetime destination? Shamwari understands this, which is why we offer various packages to suit your needs. Looking to celebrate an anniversary or want to spend your honeymoon under romantic South African safari lodge skies? Then be sure to have a look at our popular Honeymoon/Romantic Package.

If you and your beloved have decided on a destination wedding, why not opt for a uniquely South African bush wedding? Shamwari’s Bush Wedding Package includes everything you could need to make your special day a memorable one too. Your nearest and dearest will be talking about this splendid occasion for years to come.

Families are covered too with our fun for everyone Family Package. For groups with young travellers, Riverdene is definitely the place to be.

A happy bride and groom at Shamwari South African Safari Lodge

Stay at One of the Best Lodges in South Africa

Shamwari offers your travel party the full luxury safari experience. Every aspect is thoughtfully planned out with your comfort and satisfaction in mind – from the game drives to meals, to the facilities and amenities at your disposal and more. Book your stay at your preferred Shamwari lodging today and start packing for the African adventure of a lifetime. You’ll never regret it.

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