Thulani Gocina and Siviwe Walli have come a far way since beginning their journey at Shamwari Game Reserve. They have been with us for a number of years now and have proved that they are career driven and hard workers!

Siviwe originally started out as a gardener and pot washer at Lobengula Lodge and thereafter worked as scullery at one of our former lodges. This was where he was discovered by the head of Central Kitchen, Inge Woeke. She took him in, recognising his a passion for cheffing, and taught him what he proudly knows today.

More About Thulani and Siviwe

Thulani, a good friend of Siviwe’s and also started out as scullery and now works alongside Siviwe and Senior Sous Chef, Inge Woeke, in Central Kitchen. He is now a Kitchen Assistant and has big dreams of becoming a Chef too.

Siviwe and Thulani eagerly partook in a butcher course offered by the South Africa Butchery School in Maclear. In the training course they learnt about the various techniques used in the butchery and operations of machinery.

The training consisted of a week of theory and practical’s. They were educated on how to do primary cuts on game that would then go out to customers and about the different sections of the game that would be for specific cuts. They also learnt about the packaging and spicing of the meat. Even though it was primarily a learning experience, they helped out with the daily orders that the butchery would receive. Every day there was a quota of meat that they had to prepare. Siviwe was familiar with some of the meat that he had to prepare as the Central Kitchen prepares meat for our barbeque evenings and makes the biltong for afternoon snacks on safari.

They are both eternally grateful to Shamwari for the experience and the learning opportunity and have since put their training to practice in the Central Kitchen impressing Inge! The certification that they received provides them with additional skills and working opportunities.

“They have made us all very proud and I am continuing to give them direction and supporting them on their journey. ”

Words from Inge,

I am ecstatic at how well Siviwe and Thulani are doing and proud of them for consistently working towards their goals and dreams on a daily basis.

The South African Butchery School in Maclear was the next step in realizing those dreams. They have made us all very proud and I am continuing to give them direction and supporting them on their journey.