We have quite a few patients at our Animal Rehabilitation Centre at the moment. The good news is that they all seem to be on the mend! Our veterinary nurse, Megan Sinclair, and her team have been caring for these cuties.


Harvey is a new-born Giraffe that arrived when he was a week old. He comes from a neighbouring reserve. Unfortunately, due to the drought in the area, his mother was unable to produce milk. He is gorgeous and has already stolen our hearts! He’s two weeks old and has made friends with Bill, the Buffalo Calf. He drinks 5 litres of fresh milk a day and the team is happy with his progress.


Zoey is an orphaned Zebra that was brought to the rehab centre because her mom rejected her when she was 2 days old. We have noticed that her growth is a bit stunted as she hasn’t grown at the rate that she should have. She’s 4 ½ months old and doing exceptionally well. She is drinking about 1 ½ litres of milk a day, Zebras only get weaned off their milk at 9 months old so fortunately we are still going to have this sweet girl around for a while. Her nickname is Zoes and she will be returned to her owners where she will be released back into the wild once she is strong enough.


Rudi is a Black Wildebeest. He is also an orphan that arrived at our rehab centre when he was only a week old. He is now 3 ½ months old and doing very well. The plan is to release him onto the main reserve once he is big enough, he has already shown great progress. He drinks about 1 ½ litres of milk a day and in the next month he will be weaned off his milk. His horns are growing nicely and he is a gorgeous blue-eyed boy. He is very energetic and spends most of his day running around.


Rosie is a Red Hartebeest and has quite an incredible story. She is only 4 ½ months old but she has already proved that she’s a fighter. When she was a newborn calf she managed to get away from a Cheetah! She’s doing well and we will start weaning her off her milk in the next month. The team is pleased with her condition. She has made two good friends since arriving at the rehab centre; Annie, another Red Hartebeest and Rudi. She loves her milk and will be released back onto the reserve once she has made a full recovery.


Bill is an orphaned Buffalo calf as his mom passed away when he was 4 months old. He decided to follow the herd after her passing. We noticed he was dragging behind the herd so the decision was made to take him to the rehab centre. Unfortunately, he wasn’t willing to take milk from Megan and her team, which is natural for a wild animal but he grazes happily and drinks water. He has now become Harvey’s friend. He’s doing very well and the team are pleased with his progress.


Annie is another Red Hartebeest at the rehab centre. She’s 3 months old now and was sadly also rejected by her mom. The team has noticed that she’s still very little and her growth is a bit stunted as she isn’t growing at the rate she should be, but it’s great that we have Rosie to keep her company. It is also beneficial to keep the same species together. She is doing well and will be returning to the reserve that she comes from when she’s been successfully weaned off her milk.


Bless is a Blessbuck that was born with an eye problem. Our wildlife team at the rehab centre were contacted by her owners because of her eye problem and because she didn’t have any friends on their farm. The team treated her eye and she is in good condition now! She is also keeping the other Red Hartebeest girls company and will stay with us until we have weaned her off her milk. She will return to the farm once she is ready to be released back into the wild.


Harry is a Duiker that was found on a neighbouring farm when he was a week old and brought to us, he has been hand raised and will be released on reserve once he has made a full recovery. He is doing very well; the wildlife team are going to start weaning him off his milk soon. He is great company for the other rehab centre patients.


Shrek is a Buffalo calf and the newest member at our rehab centre. Due to the drought, his mom wasn’t producing enough milk. The wildlife team had noticed that he was becoming weak and not sucking from his mom and therefore had to intervene. He is doing very well! He drinks just over 2 litres of fresh milk a day. He has joined Bill and Harvey in their enclosure. He is looking very strong, in good condition and Megan is very happy with his progress.

All these animals will be released back into the wild as soon as they are strong enough. Our aim at the centre is purely to provide veterinary care to young, abandoned, orphaned or injured animals. Make sure to visit them and show them some love during your stay with us.