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Shamwari’s Family Holiday Packages Allow You to Return to the Wild in Luxury

15 October 2019 | PUBLISHED BY admin

Your family can now experience the unspoiled wilderness of South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province at Shamwari Private Game Reserve. Shamwari’s Family Holiday Package is sure to keep the whole gang more than happy. There’s Family Holiday Packages in South Africa for Everyone No matter what kind of holiday your family is looking to have, South Africa offers you the perfect solution. Enjoy a relaxing coastal getaway, an epic safari adventure, a romp around one of the cities or anything and everything in-between. The country’s regions are so numerous and diverse that no two visits to South Africa will be alike.

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The Way of Life and Cultural Experience of the San, Ju/’hoansi and Khoisan

In remote areas of Africa and Southern Africa, a small population of the indigenous people of the Ju/’hoansi, San and Khoisan cultures remain. They live minimalistic lives, mostly unaffected by modern societal pressures or norms. This is the cultural experience that you will receive when you’re at Shamwari. San Culture and Way of Life To start things off, ‘culture’can be defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviours of a particular people or society. The San were the first inhabitants of Southern Africa thousands of years ago and possessed a unique hunter-gatherer skill set. The Culture of the San People

The Heart-warming Lions of Lyon arrival at Shamwari

Horus, Cersei, Dadou and Thea travelled from France on Thursday to make their way to their new home at Shamwari's Jean Byrd Centre.

Venture off the Beaten Track – Have a Bush Wedding

There’s an air of romance and adventure about the African bush, which makes it the perfect setting for your wedding. Venture off the beaten track and opt for a bush wedding, courtesy of Shamwari. Shamwari: an Idyllic Wedding Venue in the Eastern Cape Shamwari Private Game Reserve is a luxury safari destination, located in South Africa’s scenic Eastern Cape Province. This culturally and ecologically rich province is the perfect destination for your unique luxury wedding. Africa has that unmistakeable air of romance and adventure about it, which should resonate deeply with you as you stand on the brink of marriage.

Ranger David Fraser Embarks on a Ranger Ride for Rhino Awareness

In October, David will be travelling from Shamwari to the Kalahari, on a motorbike to raise awareness about the rhino poaching epidemic.

Africa Travel: The Trip of a Lifetime

African travel destinations are absolute magic. South Africa especially has much to offer. Visit Shamwari in the Eastern Cape Province to experience true luxury. “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” – Richard Mullin The Top Africa Travel Destinations Take a Trip to Africa It’s no surprise that Africa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Being the world’s second largest continent, Africa has a vast range of landscapes, offering endless holiday destinations ranging from thrilling safaris to

Shamwari’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre With Heart

Wildlife rehabilitation involves treating and caring for injured, orphaned or sick wild animals in preparation for their eventual release. The importance of wildlife rehabilitation is paramount so that as many animals as possible can be returned to the wild, where they can continue to play their roles in the greater ecosystem. Vulnerable and endangered animals need a safe space to recover and Shamwari aims to be just The Significance of Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa There are numerous wild animal rehabilitation centres situated throughout South Africa that provide sanctuary to ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned wild animals. These