What can be better than having Sundowner drinks here?

This is the view from Shamwari Explorer, which hosts two night walking experiences here on the world renowned Shamwari Game Reserve.

Geran Ellish, the Lead Guide for Explorer writes:

We had 4 guests in Camp and after an amazing supper of local flavours cooked over the open fire, we sat and watched the heavens above us…….

Clear skies treated us to Orion chasing Scorpio across the Southern Celestial pathway whilst Pleides foretold of summer fast approaching….

Settling in for the night I always wonder before dozing off if the incredible silence will be broken by Africa’s greatest offering – lions roaring………

Not so that night.

Yet, stepping out of Camp for our morning walk we saw fresh lion tracks, following them for a while we saw they had walked around the Camp in a complete circle whilst we all slept peacefully…….a sobering and exciting thought!!!!

We decided to track them as the tracks were very fresh…..moving into the long grass we could easily see the trail with the early morning dew dispersed as the lions had moved through the grass

No more than 10 minutes and there she was…….walking across the open grasslands towards us.

With a deep valley between us we soon lost sight of her but moving around we saw she was not alone – she had come to settle with her pride

members…….5 lions in total.

20 minutes from Explorer………..I guess you have to see it, live it and feel it in your soul to experience the magic…..

We look forward to meeting you.