How about making this delightful treat this Valentine’s Day, to spoil your loved ones.

A Rocky Road Bar is a type of dessert typically made up of chocolate and marshmallow which is usually served in individual portions as brownies.

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Image taken by Iky’s Photographic: Iky & Ryan Plakonouris


375g butter
2ml vanilla essence
900g icing sugar
200g glace cherries
200g mini marshmallows
18g cocoa powder
2pkts (200g ea) ginger biscuits
2 eggs

Serves 20 bars
Prep time: 40 minutes


1.Melt butter
2. Whisk in the sieved cocoa powder followed by the icing sugar
3. Wisk in the beaten eggs
4. Add vanilla essence
5. You may add a little boiling water if it’s still too thick
6. Add the cherries and marshmallows
7. Crush biscuits (not too fine, quite rough) and add to chocolate mixture
8. Spread into pan, press down firmly and even out
9. Refrigerate until set, then cut into 4 x 4cm squares.

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Image taken by Iky’s Photographic: Iky & Ryan Plakonouris