Roger Harrison has been at Shamwari for a whopping 21 years! He is a devoted staff member who has worked himself up to the position of Deputy Head Ranger. Admired by many, his passion and commitment to Shamwari is evident in all his tasks.

Title: Deputy Head Ranger
Started at Shamwari: 01 February 1997
Hometown: Pietermaritzburg
Previous roles: I worked at Natal Parks Board as a section ranger and as a walking safari head guide in the Masai Mara, Kenya


FGASA Specialist Field Guide
SKS DA (Dangerous Animals)
Lead trails guide
Diploma in nature conservation

shamwari safari viw


Golf and cricket


I am passionate about walking safaris in particular. I much prefer doing a walking safari than taking guests out on a vehicle.

Favourite part of the job:

Being out in nature with fresh air in my lungs.


“We will lose something deep within ourselves if we allow wilderness to be destroyed.” – Dr Ian Player

Favourite animal:

Black Rhino.
Simply because of its aggressive nature and its no holds barred attitude.

Shamwari Pro Photo rhino image

Photographed by Ryan Plakonouris

Favourite animal in a sighting:


They are so fascinating, they’ve all got their personalities and they often show these individual personalities while viewing them.

Most exciting encounter while on game drive:

I was out on drive and I spotted a herd of elephants in highfield valley. I noticed that they were displaying strange behaviour. As I got closer, I realised that there was a female that was about to give birth. I decided to stick around to see if my guests and I could witness this amazing act of nature. About half an hour later the female moved to the side of the herd and gave birth.

After the calf was born the whole herd celebrated, they were circling the mom and baby and trumpeting in celebration. Once the baby got up and was walking next to its mother they all calmly moved off with the baby being protected in the middle of the herd.

My guests were absolutely blown away to lay eyes on such an amazing experience. It was a first for me to witness something so incredible.