Lodges in South Africa are truly a place to unwind and get close to nature! Located in the ecologically and culturally rich Eastern Cape Province, Shamwari Private Game Reserve boasts eight of the top luxury safari lodges in South Africa. Take our quiz and find out which accommodation option was made for you.

Escape to Africa and Live in the Lap of Luxury While You’re There

At Shamwari, each of the eight accommodation options on the property has its own distinct air about it. They were all designed with their unique surroundings in mind, as well as the array of animals roaming its vicinity. Not only does our lodgings offer a utopian setting, but allows you to return to and interact with nature in its purest form.

You’ll also be pleased to know that each of our accommodation options is spread out across the vast grounds, ensuring your travel party enjoys a private and memorable stay.

Whether you’re travelling with business partners, family or friends, there’s a perfect lodging for your specific group in our top-class game reserve. We are located near Port Elizabeth Airport – a mere 45-minute drive away and also, our lodges are well known when thinking about lodges in South Africa overall.

Now it’s time to discover which of our eight options ticks all your South African lodge boxes.

Question 1: Which ‘Inspired by Nature’ Phrase Speaks to Your Soul?

  1.  Adventure inspired by nature.
  2. Tranquillity inspired by nature.
  3. Exclusivity inspired by nature.
  4. Luxury safari inspired by nature.
  5. Gracious living inspired by nature.
  6. Family relaxation inspired by nature.
  7. Privacy inspired by nature.
  8. Contemporary comfort inspired by nature.

 Question 2: How Would You Describe Your Travel Party?

  1.  Highly adventurous – we love nothing more than exploring the outdoors up close and personal. Everyone is aged 16-65 with an unquenchable lust for life and a passion for camping.
  2. We love immersing ourselves in the peace and calm that nature provides. Privacy is also very important to us.
  3. My travel party and I enjoy anything and everything elite and sophisticated. Location, views, designs, dining – you name it. We don’t enjoy sharing a space with small children.
  4. Our party would love to get closer to nature. We like the idea of camping, but we don’t fully want to commit – we enjoy luxurious accommodation far too much. Our ideal accommodation would have a warm and welcoming feeling to it.
  5. We firmly believe in ‘going big or going home’ and want to live like royalty wherever we stay. Elegance and sophistication is what we strive for.
  6. Wherever we go, our kids go with us. We love bonding and making lifelong memories together.
  7. Our group enjoys a rustic atmosphere, but without missing out on any luxuries. Traditions, and learning about new cultures, is very important to us when we travel. We seek solitude when on vacation.
  8. Wherever we go, we tend to gravitate towards the modern and the exclusive. When on a safari vacation, we love to stay close to nature but without compromising on comfort.

Question 3: What Shamwari View Sounds Perfect to You? 

  1. An impressive view, from a plateau, of the reserve’s only basalt and granite extrusions.
  2. Superb views across the Bushman’s River, as well as the surrounding plains.
  3. Panoramic views of the lush foliage and rocky cliffs surrounding the property.
  4. Awe-inspiring views of the South African bush.
  5. A view that overlooks the property’s majestic plains and rolling landscapes.
  6. A view that overlooks the vast Eastern Cape bushveld.
  7. Views of both the mountains and lush valley bushveld.
  8. Views across South Africa’s grassy plains, while sitting right on the banks of the Bushman’s River.

 Question 4: What Is Your Ideal Luxury South African Lodge Size – How Private Would You Like Your Party to Be?

  1.  Three (3) tents, sleeping a maximum of two (2) adults each.
  2. Nine (9) premier tents, sleeping a maximum of two (2) adults each.
  3. Nine (9) junior suites, sleeping a maximum of two (2) adults each.
  4. 12 superior tents, sleeping a maximum of two (2) adults each.
  5. 17 luxury rooms, sleeping a maximum of two (2) adults each.
  6. Nine (9) luxury inter-leading rooms, sleeping a maximum of two (2) adults and one (1) child each.
  7. Six (6) junior suites, sleeping a maximum of two (2) adults each.
  8. Five (5) luxury rooms, accommodating a maximum of 10 guests in total.

Question 5: Choose the South African Lodge Exterior That You’re Most Drawn to:

  1.  Lodges in South Africa featuring one of Shamwari’s eight accommodation options
  2. The exterior of one of Shamwari’s eight impressive accommodation options - Lodges in South Africa
  3. The exterior of lodges in South Africa - Shamwari Private Game Reserve
  4. The exterior of lodges in South Africa - Shamwari Private Game Reserve
  5. Luxury safari accommodation at lodges in South Africa featuring Shamwari
  6. One of Shamwari's Luxury safari accommodation options featuring lodges in South Africa
  7. One of Shamwari's Luxury safari accommodation options featuring lodges in South Africa
  8. Lodges in South Africa featuring one of Shamwari's Luxury safari accommodation options

And the Shamwari South African Lodge Best Suited to Your Party Is…

If You Picked Mostly 1’s, You Should Stay at the Explorer Camp

Shamwari offers guests the opportunity to attend a once in a lifetime guided walking safari during the South African summer months (October-May). Your party will explore the surrounding land and see the region’s rich biodiversity from up close. Guests interested in attending this guided walking safari are accommodated at the Explorer Camp.

It’s back to basics here, but you’ll still have access to all the necessary comforts and amenities. Enjoy fireside meals and views of the reserve’s only basalt and granite extrusions.

 If You Picked Mostly 2’s, You Should Stay at Sindile

This luxury tented camp is located deep within the South African veld, making it a peaceful, solitary retreat. Sindile, in fact, was designed to mimic a leopard’s hideaway – it blends into the surrounding vegetation seamlessly.

All nine of the luxurious free-standing tents are elevated above the lush surrounding vegetation, providing guests with undisturbed views of the plains surrounding the Bushman’s River. You’ll find no light pollution or any other man-made structures around. Sindile is a luxury lodge which boasts minimal environmental impact.

 If You Picked Mostly 3’s, You Should Stay at Eagles Crag

It’s the ideal South African lodge for those looking for an exclusive safari experience and the views of the surrounding cliffs are simply unbeatable. Keep an eye out for the namesake birds of prey soaring up above, while taking in the scenery from an aerial viewing pod.

Eagles Crag effortlessly blends the area’s natural beauty with world-class luxury. This is especially evident once you set foot in your splendid suite. You’re in for an unforgettable stay at this modern safari lodge masterpiece.

If You Picked Mostly 4’s, You Should Stay at Bayethe

For those seeking a warm, welcoming experience where guests leave as dear friends, this is the perfect Shamwari lodge for you. While staying at Bayethe Tented Lodge, you’re in for a malaria-free, luxury safari experience.

This lodge’s location is especially tranquil as it’s surrounded by lush foliage, giving your travel party the private African bush retreat your souls have been craving. Visit Bayethe for a truly special safari holiday you’ll be talking about for years to come.

If You Picked Mostly 5’s, You Should Stay at Long Lee Manor

 Now, this is the lodging that’s perfect for bigger parties or those looking to feel like royalty. A splendid historic manor house, Long Lee Manor has lovingly been renovated and boasts various unique features that’ll keep guests happy and comfortable throughout their stay. A gorgeous rim-flow pool and Edwardian style suits are just some of the features you can look forward to.

This manor house only adds to its location on the reserve. You’ll love admiring the rolling plains, as creature great and small roam in the distance.

If You Picked Mostly 6’s, You Should Stay at Riverdene

 This family-friendly Shamwari accommodation option is a place that makes you feel right at home, the moment you step through the door. Riverdene Family Lodge overlooks the vast Eastern Cape bushveld and herds of animals can frequently be seen wandering the distance.

It’s the ideal lodge for parents with tiny travellers in tow, since kids will love taking part in the exclusive Kids on Safari Programme. Everyone’s needs are well met when staying at Riverdene.

 If You Picked Mostly 7’s, You Should Stay at Lobengula

 If this lodge had to be described in a single word, it would be tranquil – it’s hidden away deep in the Shamwari bushveld. Lobengula’s design was inspired by a traditional African kraal and it has incredible views of both the bushveld’s valleys and mountains.

Enjoy an immersive African experience by staying at this gem of a lodge. Its rustic atmosphere and the array of luxurious amenities and facilities complement each other beautifully.

 If You Picked Mostly 8’s, You Should Stay at Sarili

 Exclusive luxury oasis. That’s how we’d describe Sarili in a nutshell. This grand lodge sits on the banks of the Bushman’s River and provides guests with stunning views of the grassy South African plains. The lodge’s limited amount of rooms means everything feels much more intimate and personal – which it most definitely is.

Sarili was made with guests’ comfort in mind and this can clearly be seen thanks to the elegant, modern interiors, as well as thoughtful and exclusive amenities that are at your disposal. Bespoke stays at Sarili are available from June 2020.

Now That You’ve Seen Some of the Top Luxury Safari Lodges in South Africa, Be Sure to Enquire for More Information and Bookings

 There may many luxury safari lodges in South Africa, but Shamwari stands out as one of the few who does it best. There really is a lodge to suit every travel party’s wants and needs.

For more information on your suggested lodge or any of the others, please get in touch with Shamwari’s reservations department here:

We hope to welcome your group soon.