Recently on game drive at Shamwari Game Reserve we encountered a rare sighting. A young female leopard had been spotted in one of our valley systems and we decided to try our luck. We carefully descended into the beautiful valley after the rains and made our way to where it was thought she had a kill.

We got into place and waited to see if we could see or hear anything. After a short while one of my guests exclaimed that he had seen a brown hyena, shortly after this we saw the hyena slink through a bush into the open. Close on his heels followed our young female leopard. She stayed low to the ground and snuck after him.

The hyena had obviously come in search of some free food and the leopard was warily following it to make sure it did not find hers. We watched as she stalked the hyena, until both the brown hyena and the leopard slinked into the bushes, hyena with his nose to the ground and the leopard never letting him out of her curious sight.

Thank you to the May family for their photos.