Ranger Kayleigh predominantly guides out of Riverdene. She is bubbly, enthusiastic and full of life and she absolutely loves children!

Name: Kayleigh Humphries
Title: Game Ranger
Started at Shamwari: 01 October 2018
Hometown: Johannesburg
Previous roles: I worked at Lalibela Game Reserve for a year before joining the Shamwari rangers’ team. 

Ranger Kayliegh


FGASA Field Guide
Track & sign level 1


Hiking, running, learning and travelling.


I’m passionate about being out in nature and having the opportunity to learn every day from my fellow rangers.

Favourite part of the job:

I love meeting new people from around the world and learning about their cultures.


“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” – Aliyyah Eniath

Favourite animal:


They are very elegant and being in their presence brings me peace.

Pro Photo Safaris 67 Ikys Photographic Shamwari Game Reserve

Giraffe photographed by Ryan Plakonouris

Favourite animal in a sighting:


I love the way that herds are so calm and unphased in a sighting. One of my favourite things to watch is the little males because they always have so much attitude. When they are still learning to use their trunk, it’s the cutest thing!

Most exciting encounter while on game drive:

Earlier this year, I was guiding out of Riverdene with my guests. We headed out in the morning and after seeing a few animals I had been made aware of lions in an area not too far from where we were.

On my way to the lion sighting, I stopped to tell my guests about a spider that we stumbled upon. I got out my vehicle and was teaching my guests about the spider when I heard other rangers in the distance. I then got back into my vehicle and reversed out of the way so that they had more advantage of the road.

Within a few minutes, the two northern males came walking around the corner. The first lion walked past my vehicle and went into the thicket. The second male also walked right past my vehicle and as he got closer to my vehicle, his brother started roaring.

My guests and I were in awe and just lived in the moment as these lions were owning their territory. It was an incredible experience and a once in a lifetime moment, especially for my first-time safari guests.