Shamwari Game Reserve is renowned for it’s exquisite bush functions and this week they hosted 100 people for a couple of days where an evening al fresco in the bush was a highlight. As ever with this type of event there is plenty of food left overand with the ethos of the reserve to be as resourceful as possible with whatever they use, the Executive Head Chef, Sharelda Van Niekerk, got in touch with the Conservation team to ask if they could help her and her team to take this excess food into Paterson to give to the local schools.

The Conservation team were delighted to escort Sharelda and Inge, another member of the outstanding F&B team, to Sinovuyo Day Care Centre. This was Sharelda and Inge’s first experience of this well deserving project and they were clearly emotionally touched by what they saw. The kids welcomed the entire team with big smiles and lots of laughter and that was without knowing about the food they were going to be eating later! The food was received with much excitement and amazement, the simple things as always are the most uplifting.

Sharelda and Inge took the time to play with the children and find out a little more about the staff and practices at Sinovuyo. They chatted with Mrs Joni, the Principal of the centre, and learned of the hardship the children face and how much Shamwari’s support means to them. Mrs Joni, the Principal of the school, was very touched by Shamwari’s donation and told us later that the children were licking the plates clean at the end of their meal! This is apparently not a regular occurrence!

Unfortunately work beckoned so the Shamwari team had to get back to their responsibilities at the reserve, but not without taking a group picture with the teachers and children to remind them of the generosity and gratefulness that surrounds this type of activity. A truly special and enriching experience for all concerned.

Shamwari Game Reserve donates food to the schools of Paterson on a weekly basis through their conservation programme. This is a testament to their constant commitment to the community, a philosophy which runs strong and true in all who work under the Shamwari banner.