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When you book your stay at Shamwari Private Game Reserve, we want you to be as prepared as possible and get the most out of your African safari holiday.

Please read through our list of frequently asked questions, which we hope will help you plan for your adventure.


As Shamwari is a malaria-free area, there is no need for you to pack any preventative tablets or syrup, other than your prescription medication.

We highly recommend that you bring:

  • Cameras, lenses and binoculars
  • Light clothing for summer safaris
  • Bathing suits for the pool areas
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen and hats
  • Warmer clothing for winter stays

South Africa enjoys a warm climate year-round. During winter, expect to experience temperatures that range between 7 and 22°C. During the summer months, temperatures can reach between 16 and 36°C.

There is a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities for kids to enjoy. Shamwari has an entire lodge and programme dedicated to entertaining little ones. Click here for more information.

Unfortunately not. When on a game drive, we’re often required to be quiet and still, which can be a challenge for young children. Therefore, as safety is our primary concern, no children under the age of 4 are permitted on game drives, at our Born Free Centres or our Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

We do have childminding services available on request, in addition to a host of kid’s activities to keep them occupied.

Game viewing is not affected by the weather, seasons or time of year. Animals are active 365 days a year. If there is something you are specifically looking to see, consult with one of our safari experts upon making your booking.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you bring warmer clothing along for the trip as it may get cold, regardless of the time of year.

For an additional fee, private road transfers and charter flights can be arranged and booked with your accommodation. Alternatively, if you are driving to Shamwari, click here for directions.

May – August (Winter)

  • 06h30 Wake-up call
  • 07h00 Early morning refreshments
  • 07h30 Depart for morning game drive
  • 10h30 Return from morning game drive
  • 11h00 Requested check-out time
  • 10h00 Brunch is served until 14h00
  • 13h00 Recommended arrival time
  • 14h30 Afternoon tea
  • 15h00 Depart for afternoon game drive
  • 18h00 Return from afternoon game drive
  • 19h30 Dinner

September – April (Summer)

  • 05h00 Wake-up call
  • 05h30 Early morning refreshments
  • 06h00 Depart for morning game drive
  • 09h00 Return from morning game drive
  • 09h30 Breakfast
  • 11h00 Requested check-out time
  • 12h30 Lunch
  • 13h00 Recommended arrival time
  • 15h30 Afternoon tea
  • 16h00 Depart for afternoon game drive
  • 19h00 Return from afternoon game drive
  • 20h00 Dinner

Only a guideline as lodges operate independently and it is also subject to weather conditions etc.

Entry into our beautiful country is usually hassle-free. Please note that all visitors need to be in possession of a valid passport, however, visas are not required, depending on which passport you are travelling on and the number of days you intend to be in South Africa..
Please take note: As of June 2015, people travelling with minors (people under the age of 18) are required to be carrying an unabridged birth certificate, in addition to their passport.

Furthermore, as per South African law, upon your arrival in the country, you need to ensure that your passport has at least two full pages open for stamps upon your arrival in South Africa.

Please contact your nearest South African Embassy or consulate, for the latest visa requirements. Additionally, travellers over 1 years of age coming from a high risk area need to bear a Yellow Fever inoculation certificate.  Alternatively, click here for more information.

At Shamwari Game Reserve, our 5-star luxury lodge accommodation is accredited by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa annually. Thorough inspections have been conducted in accordance with South African tourism standards. South Africa is home to a world-class infrastructure including transport, telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, mining and medical facilities.

Gaining access to South Africa is as easy as hopping on a plane to one of the many airports in the country. However, in order to get to Shamwari Game Reserve, you can utilise the N2 highway by car or bus.

Alternatively, visitors can fly to Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport and either hire a car or utilise our transfer service at an additional fee.

The electricity supply in South Africa is 220/230 volts AC 50 Hz.

It is recommended that you travel with the correct adapters for all your gadgets, as adapters might be in short supply. Please be sure to check your device specifications and requirements, before utilizing our power supply source.

The 6 Shamwari Lodges are equipped with standby generators, as a precaution against power outages.

In South Africa, we drive on the left-hand side of the road and wearing a seatbelt is compulsory.

Non-residents are permitted to drive with a driving license issued and valid in their own country. However, it must be in English and have the photograph and signature of the holder.

If yours doesn’t meet these requirements, an international driver’s license is required.

South Africa is a nation home to many different cultures. In total we have 11 official languages, including English, which is widely spoken throughout the country.

South Africa has world-class medical facilities, with a large network of hospitals that offer excellent services. However, please ensure that you have adequate health insurance as a safety precaution.

All the lodges at Shamwari Private Game Reserve have gift boutiques should you wish to purchase a keepsake.

Shamwari accepts debit cards and all major credit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa.

The local currency is the South African Rand (R1 = 100 cents) which exchanges favourably with major international currencies. Foreign tourists can have their VAT (value-added-tax at 15%) refunded at the point of departure, provided they present their original tax invoices.

Should you wish to pay in cash Shamwari only accepts ZAR, GBP, EUR and USD. However, we do discourage guests from travelling with large amounts of cash

Gratuities are not compulsory at Shamwari, however, should you wish to leave a gratuity, envelopes are available at reception.
Alternatively, you can add it to your final bill and settle by credit card.

All lodges and guest rooms have WIFI. Shamwari has relatively good reception and/or connectivity, however it is also dependant on your carrier.

Unfortunately, there is no WIFI at our Explorer Camp.

To experience the fauna and flora at Shamwari, guests are required to book into one of our luxurious lodges. Regrettably, we do not offer day drives or permit self-drives through the reserve.


The Shamwari Conservation Experience, as part of a gap year, sabbatical or holiday experience, takes participants behind-the-scenes and exposes them to the several daily aspects involved in the conservation management of Shamwari Private Game Reserve. This offers volunteers the chance to make a sustainable difference through their participation.

For more information, please visit:

Yes, Volunteer World International offer a Field Guide Training Program at Shamwari Private Game Reserve.