It would have been exceptionally difficult to live up to the past Explorer experiences this weekend here at Shamwari Game Reserve but it turned out to be another incredible Explorer…

Sometimes it is not just what you experience but who you experience it with that makes it even more special. My guests were extremely well travelled, globally, yet what made them even more appreciative was that all of their travels throughout the world have been done in a tent!

Their appreciation of what Explorer is and what it represents knew no limits and made Zola and I feel greatly satisfied.

With the weather not being great on Friday, we headed out for a walk in the rain, we couldn’t help but think and discuss the modernity of our fast paced life and the advantages and disadvantages of this…….. the safety of being able to sleep 8 hours a night, but the loss of our instincts that come as a result of this.

Rather wet we retreated to Explorer to enjoy some hot chocolate and Amarula.

Saturday morning we set out and marvelled at what can be seen above…. After heavy rains, “winged alates” flooded the skies in their attempt to mate and start new colonies. See the pictures on the left that show a grouping of wings followed by a hole that has been dug by the male and female to start their new colony.

There is so much to this process it just boggles the mind completely……the wings we can see have been dropped after the nuptial flight. Incredibly these alates have to fly to release the chemicals for mating….. And flight is stimulated by rain.

A short while after we followed up on the southern lions, which had killed an eland – great sighting.

But the small aspects ruled the weekend, namely skies and storms.

Another great weekend – see you at the Explorer!