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Shamwari’s virtual game-drives delight worldwide, help feed E. Cape communities!

Shamwari Private Game Reserve is harnessing virtual technology to showcase its wildlife and helping raise funds to alleviate the suffering of rural communities in the Eastern Cape. The COVID-19 shutdown has had a massive impact on the travel and tourism that are mainstays of the area’s economy. But Shamwari’s online safaris are entertaining thousands around the world while allowing them to donate toward food-parcels for families in the nearby Eastern Cape towns of Alicedale and Paterson.

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Shamwari Hospitality (Pty) Ltd.
Account Number: 080155286
Account Type: Business Current Account
Branch Code: 050017

Our Success Stories

Every animal in our care becomes part of the Shamwari family and we continue to follow their story wherever they go.

Newborn Giraffe

Shamwari Welcomes Newborn Giraffe

If you have ever witnessed the birth of an animal in the wild, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. It is an incredibly rare act of nature that not many

baby elephant

Elephant Calf Photo Series

Whether you’re a season traveller or a first-time safari goer, there will always be several safari memories that stay with you. That’s the beauty of the


The Lion Dynamics of Shamwari Private Game Reserve

Over the past few months there has been a massive change in the lion dynamics on Shamwari Private Game Reserve. The once proud and dominant Southern Pride has


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