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The Gem Of Safari Holidays In Africa

The Eastern Cape boasts mild year-round weather and rich plant and wildlife. The Eastern Cape is also malaria-free, and offers unspoiled beauty in favourable weather conditions.

South African Climate

South Africa, enjoys a warm climate year-round. During colder months (June – August), guests can expect to experience temperatures that range between 7 and 22°C, whereas in summer (November – February), temperatures can reach between 16 and 36°C.

Shamwari Experience

Packing for A Safari Holiday

There are certain essentials to remember when packing. Firstly, in terms of clothing, bring items that are neutrally coloured, as bright or unnatural hues tend to ward off big game. And secondly, unless you’re travelling business class, your luggage shouldn’t weigh more than 20kg. But above all, you need to be comfortable.

Pack the Essentials

When travelling to any destination, it goes without saying that you should always have your passports, chronic or prescription medication, wallet, and plane tickets.

Important Electronics

Don’t forget to bring the correct plugs, adaptors and chargers for each of your electronic devices. If you have one, it’s best to bring along a good quality DSLR, lenses, extra memory cards, batteries and a charger. Binoculars are also a must-have for spotting animals on game drives.

Protect Yourself

Aside from plain coloured garments, you’ll need to include walking or hiking shoes that are capable of going over rougher terrains as well as a hat. Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is recommended to protect your skin against being burnt, even in winter.

Packing for different seasons at Shamwari

Eastern Cape Weather

The Eastern Cape climate is varied. The east experiences higher levels of humidity and rainfall compared to the west with its dry weather conditions. The coastal area from Tsitsikamma to inland Grahamstown has increased precipitation with mild temperatures. Winter conditions can range from mild to cold, with heavy snowfalls in the interior mountain regions.


Shamwari Giraffe

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