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Top 10 Wildlife Photography Tips – Shamwari

02 September 2019 | PUBLISHED BY admin

Take your wildlife photography to the next level. Get inspired to take amazing wildlife photos, or perhaps go on a photographic safari! What Is Nature and Wildlife Photography? Nature and wildlife photography is one of the most challenging, but most rewarding, areas of photography. Your subjects, animals, are unpredictable, and so is the environment; lighting cannot be controlled. With a fair amount of patience and a lot of luck, you can get a unique and striking shot. But with commitment, preparation and preservation, you can excel in this challenging hobby. These 10 tips will help you enhance your nature and

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The Must-See Safari Animals in Africa

Discover Africa’s magic by experiencing the animals that make the continent so incredibly unique, in their natural environment. A South African Safari will allow you to experience how a variety of animals interact with each other and their habitat. What are the Safari Animals You May See while on a South African Safari? The continent of Africa is abundantly rich in biodiversity, allowing thousands of species to coexist, across grassy plains, in desert-like environments and even in dense forest biomes. Animals are one of nature’s most wonderful creations and they are adapted to their specific environment. One of the best

A new wildlife rehabilitation centre at Shamwari!

Shamwari Private Game Reserve, this week, opened its new R5m Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Vervet Monkeys, a Common Sight at Shamwari

Vervet Monkeys, are a common sight at Shamwari. Get to know all about these inquisitive primates in our blog.

Every Bird Counts, Global BIG Day

On May 4th, thousands of birders participated in the Global Big Day, an international collaboration attempt to see the largest amount of bird species around the world within a 24-hour period.

International Leopard Day

In honour of International Leopard Day, we’re sharing some incredibly fascinating facts about one of the most sought-after members of the big five.

Capture The Moment

Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, Shamwari Game Reserve and Iky’s Photographics Pro Photo Safari package is right up your alley. Not only can you learn from award-winning photographers, but you’re also given the opportunity to capture the finest scenery that the Eastern Cape has to offer.