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Amara is Loving Life at the Shamwari Animal Rehab Centre

24 August 2017 | PUBLISHED BY admin

Amara, our orphaned elephant calf is loving life at the Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation Centre. She absolutely loves having mud baths! She splashes the water around, getting the mud and water all over herself and her caretakers! Vet Nurse Megan Sinclair says that it’s one of her favourite things to do.

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Orphaned Rhino Update & Meet The Latest Bundle of Joy at Our Animal Rehabilitation Centre

It has been just over a year since we took three orphaned rhinos into our care at our Animal Rehabilitation Centre at Shamwari Game Reserve. Their journey and progress has been inspiring to say the least! These three orphans have surpassed our expectations and become three gorgeous individuals.

An Animal Rehab Success Story: George, the Kudu

It’s always a lovely sight to see one of the released rehabilitation animals doing well in the wild. George, a male Kudu, was released from the Animal Rehab Centre just over a year ago and was spotted by our vet nurse, Megan, recently.

The Animals at our Animal Rehabilitation Centre

We have quite a few patients at our Animal Rehabilitation Centre at the moment. The good news is that they all seem to be on the mend! Our veterinary nurse, Megan Sinclair, and her team have been caring for these cuties.

Noelle and Binky – Two New Rhino Calves Find a Home

Shamwari works in conjunction with several organisations, volunteers, and neighbouring game farms to ensure the preservation of animal species. Our programmes aim to rehabilitate orphaned, abused, wrongfully captured, and endangered wildlife and re-release them back into the wild.

The Tale of a Man and his Leopard

Since 1999, Kuma, a wild-born leopard, has been living at the Born Free Big Cat Rescue and Education Centre at Shamwari Game Reserve. However, his story starts back in 1996, all the way up in the Ivory Coast.

Shamwari Survivor: The Spotted Eagle Owl

Shamwari Game Reserve is home to a variety of animals, fauna, flora, and bird species. A common sighting in the skies here is the Bubo Africanus, also known as the Spotted Eagle Owl, which is one of the smallest of this species.