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Shamwari Game Reserve – A True Birder’s Paradise

11 August 2017 | PUBLISHED BY admin

Ranger Jéan Taute guides out of Eagles Crag lodge and is a fanatical birder. Rightly so as he has a National Specialist Bird Guide for all of SA and neighboring countries! He recently wrote this piece on birding at Shamwari Game Reserve, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. All photos were taken by Ranger Jessica Tyrer.

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Rare White Fronted Bee Eaters

We’re very excited here at Shamwari Game Reserve as we witnessed a very rare thing this weekend.An unconfirmed sighting of White Fronted Bee Eaters was reported.

Little Swifts at Longlee Manor

What amazing and interesting birds these little swifts (Apus affinis) are. Their long narrow wings and square shaped tails are highly adapted to the aerial lifestyle, they have short weak legs and a poorly developed breast muscle which is problematic for the little swift,..

Hamerkop Takes On Three Frogs At Shamwari

Have you ever seen a stranger looking bird than a Hamerkop? It has oddly shaped head feathers which make it look as if it’s been flying into a strong wind for a few hours. It also builds massive nests, biggest in the world for any one bird, near water sources.