Orphaned Rhinos Noelle & Winston’s Journey Back to the Wild

Orphaned Rhinos Noelle & Winston’s Journey Back to the Wild

Orphaned Rhinos, Noelle and Winston, have been with us for almost two years now and it has been such a beautiful journey watching them grow from strength to strength.

Noelle and Winston’s mothers were killed in poaching incidents and were left orphaned at three months old.  Noelle arrived in March of last year and Winston arrived in April. They both came from neighbouring reserves in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. After their tragic poaching incidents, they were brought to our renowned Animal Rehabilitation Centre and became inseparable!

Noelle & Winston

A Great Success Story:

Rhino poaching is a global crisis with poachers facing severe consequences if caught. Aside from the growing severity of the species going extinct, many rhino calves are being left behind as orphans and do not survive. However, Noelle and Winston have survived against all odds and after many months of dedicated hard work and intensive care, our wildlife team managed to successfully rehabilitate these two magnificent creatures.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of releasing them back into the wild! In terms of conservation, it has been a goal that we as an organisation are proud to have been able to achieve!

Shamwari Game Reserve - Orphaned Rhinos

Our Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr Johan Joubert and Vet Nurse, Megan Sinclair, and the entire wildlife team got to work early yesterday morning to get this much anticipated day started! The team worked quickly as they had to take DNA samples of the rhino and carefully get them into crates to safely translocated them to their new home at Sibuya Rhino Foundation.

Megan with Winston

As soon as the crate doors opened, Winston immediately looked for his companion, Noelle, who was just as eager to see him. The pair were reunited after being briefly separated for transporting purposes and took in their new surroundings with great interest. We watched our beautiful Noelle and Winston walk off into the distance to start their new lives in the wild.

Megan with Noelle and Winston

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  1. Joanne February 25, 2018 at 11:41 am - Reply

    HI there. Do you know how these rhinos (Noelle & Winston) are doing?

    • Shamwari Game Reserve February 27, 2018 at 11:59 am - Reply

      Hi Joanne, Noelle & Winston are doing well. They are back in the wild and loving life.

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