Shamwari in Black & White

Shamwari in Black & White

For all the avid photographers out there, this is a shout out to visit Shamwari Game Reserve, located in the Eastern Cape. Photographic opportunities are plenty and the Big 5 are regularly seen. In this particular blog, let’s focus on our ‘black & white’ photography.

At times, great opportunities are encountered in totally wrong light. There is nothing more frustrating than this. However I have learnt to adjust and sometimes these shots turn out great in a black and white composition.

In particular rhino and elephant as subject matter lend themselves to black and white images. As this blog is about photography and images, we’ll let the photos do most of the talking…

On a game drive you never know what lies around the corner. For a photographer it is important to have that camera at hand at all times. Turning a corner, there might just be a giraffe feeding right next to the road, or a chameleon sitting on a branch.

Of course, this takes some more practice spotting! With some luck however, you catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard and with it… That perfect black and white image!

What about capturing active animals on camera? A cheetah coalition patrolling their grounds or a herd of springbok running? There is always a chance of this at Shamwari.

As for our birders out there, who often happen to be avid photographers too – of course we can assist in getting some great shots… A lot of patience is required, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. A lone lion male has chosen a great outlook to overlook his territory. For us, it is another great opportunity to catch this majestic animal in all its glory. And as for the black rhino? When you catch them outside the thick bush, all you can hear is the clicking of your camera.

As the day leans toward the late afternoon and that soft light appears, all photographers get into their element… the last golden light before the sun finally sets behind the horizon. One last shot to commemorate another great photographic day!

Only to wake tomorrow and do it all over again…

Words and images by Shaun Malan
Game Ranger, Shamwari Game Reserve
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