Giving back & making a mathematical decision for 2014

Giving back & making a mathematical decision for 2014

Shamwari Game Reserve has donated a much needed computer to the Hendrik Kanise Combined Public School.  Shamwari has also agreed to further assist bycontributing towards the salary of a mathematics teacher for the school.

The Hendrik Kanise Combined Public School provides education from Grade R to Grade 12 and works for positive change in the lives of these children. The school has had success in the Matriculation Examinations, obtaining a pass rate of more than 90% since 2008, even 100% in 2010.

In spite of its success, they have been left without a mathematics teacher since 2010, and, even though they have not achieved a pass rate lower than 77% in this subject since 2008, the teacher position has never been filled.

They have been notified that they are due to be relieved of three more teachers this year, due to a combination of retirement and “rationalisation of schools”, which will make it impossible to maintain the standard of education and the limited subject choices they are offering currently.

Their goal is to make the community a better place by providing at least some guarantee of success to their learners; and, in this day and age, that is difficult without offering mathematics. However, the school is not financially able to employ a mathematics teacher so we are proud to assist them financially by contributing towards the salary.

We know that this will make all the difference to the students during 2014.

Hugo, the IT manager for Shamwari Game Reserve with the school Principal, Elaine Louw.



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