In Search of Elephants

In Search of Elephants

We started our search at the bottom of a valley system where I pointed out to my guests the different signs we would be looking for in order to find the elephants who had disappeared to escape the cold and used the rain as an excuse to go eat the taller trees in our valleys.

The tracks were two to three days old, but still we pursued. Following the tracks we were led deeper into the thicket, on roads overgrown with plant life and filled with elusively deep potholes of water.

Slipping here and there and ducking from protruding branches we followed the tracks and signs as they slowly grew fresher and fresher, until… elephants!

A feeling of relief as the grey monuments step out of the bushes…we had found them. The children on the drive giggled in excitement as they realised the reward to the process that is tracking.

Seeing an animal out in the open is great, but spending time to stretch your knowledge and skills to the maximum to find the animal, now that is an amazing sensation!

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