Baby Animals at Shamwari

New blood in the North

September 2017 was a significant month for Shamwari. New life was discovered in the form of little lion cubs from one of the older northern lionesses. Although it is not uncommon on Shamwari to see lion cubs. This is the first litter of cubs sired by the new dominant coalition of two brothers in the [...]

Noelle and Binky – Two New Rhino Calves Find a Home

Shamwari works in conjunction with several organisations, volunteers, and neighbouring game farms to ensure the preservation of animal species. Our programmes aim to rehabilitate orphaned, abused, wrongfully captured, and endangered wildlife and re-release them back into the wild. These initiatives have made Shamwari Game Reserve an award-winning leader in conservation tourism. We accept animals locally for [...]

Baby Boom!

We have had a crazy baby boom in the last month. Everywhere you look there is some baby animal running around and trying to find its feet not too far from mommy. With winter over and summer in full swing the bush is lush, with enough food for the antelopes and the other herbivores. A [...]

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New Leopard Cubs

We've got great news! We have some new animals on Shamwari Game Reserve that we are very excited about. Only a few lucky people have seen these new little gems but hopefully in the near future we will be getting better and more regular sightings of them as they get older and less skittish of [...]

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