New Leopard Cubs

New Leopard Cubs

We’ve got great news! We have some new animals on Shamwari Game Reserve that we are very excited about. Only a few lucky people have seen these new little gems but hopefully in the near future we will be getting better and more regular sightings of them as they get older and less skittish of vehicles.

So what’s the new addition to our amazing reserve you may ask? Well think fluffy, cute and spotty. They have a very protective mother that hides them in a valley far away from any danger. Yes, you guessed it; we have two new leopard cubs! Their mother has been keeping them hidden in a very dense area in the northern section of the reserve to protect them from other predators like lions and hyeanas who might want to kill them. Let’s hope these little fur balls grow up to be as majestic as their mother and find their own place in the Shamwari ecological system.

Photos coming soon!

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