19 06, 2018

The Curious Greater Kudu

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The greater kudu is arguably one of the most beautiful species of antelope in southern Africa. This magnificent species is found throughout eastern and southern Africa. Despite occupying such widespread territory, they are sparsely populated in most areas, due to habitat loss, predation, hunting and disease. Shamwari is home to the greater kudu (Tragelaphus [...]

13 06, 2018

Shamwari Private Game Reserve Announces New Look Lodges

2018-06-18T13:56:08+00:00 June 13th, 2018|Categories: General|2 Comments

Shamwari Private Game Reserve, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, has announced plans to rebuild, redesign and create three ultra 5-star lodges, with the building process taking two years to fully complete. This is just part of the rebranding and repositioning of Shamwari in the safari marketplace as well as new culinary offerings [...]

30 05, 2018

Arrive as a Guest, Leave as a Friend

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For our guests, every day is a new adventure, immersed in our first class hospitality. In Shona, ‘Shamwari’ means 'friend' and staying true to our name, our guests leave as new friends of the Shamwari family. Each and every employee embodies Shamwari and believes in creating a memorable stay for our guests that is unforgettable. [...]

20 04, 2018

Shamwari introduces biodegradable straws!

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This Earth Day we're making a pledge to reduce the amount of plastic we use at Shamwari Game Reserve. Earth Day 2018's theme is to provide information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behaviour about plastics. We’re thrilled to take part in this initiative as the exponential growth of plastics is threatening the survival [...]

5 04, 2018

A rare sighting at Shamwari Game Reserve

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Game drives provide the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and to get close to all the extraordinary animals in their natural habitat. A few days ago, guests witnessed an incredible act of nature. Ranger Darren Clough was one of the rangers fortunate enough to bear witness to this sighting with his guests. [...]

22 03, 2018

Water-Wise Tips this World Water Day

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This World Water Day, we thought we’d share a few tips to be water-wise when traveling through our beautiful country. It’s important to stay hydrated while on safari, however every drop of water counts. Here are a few water saving tips: Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth as this can save [...]

12 03, 2018

Headman – Shamwari Game Ranger Q&A

2018-05-31T23:20:34+00:00 March 12th, 2018|Categories: Game Ranger Profiles|4 Comments

Headman is an extremely knowledgeable member of our team. He is witty, friendly and full of character! Headman guides out of Bayethe Tented Lodge and has been with us for 14 years. Name: Headman Gidwa Title: Game Ranger Started at Shamwari: 11 November 2003 Hometown: Port Elizabeth Previous roles: I’ve been at Shamwari for my entire career [...]