It’s always a lovely sight to see one of the released rehabilitation animals doing well in the wild. George, a male Kudu, was released from the Animal Rehab Centre just over a year ago and was spotted by our vet nurse, Megan, recently.

George’s story:

George was found on Shamwari Game Reserve by one of our workers on a fence line as an orphan when he was just a few days old. The wildlife team initially had a bit of a tough time with rehabilitating him because he had diarrhoea and had trouble feeding.

George’s release:

He was released after a year and then checked himself back into the rehab centre about 4 months later as he wasn’t coping well in the wild. He simply jumped back into his old enclosure one morning and we fed him until he was looking fit and healthy again. He also left on his own one day when he felt that he was happy to go back into the wild. He jumped out of his enclosure and hasn’t been back since.

He is in great condition and his horns are growing beautifully. He has even found himself a girlfriend, which makes us all very happy!