Amara, our orphaned elephant calf is loving life at the Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation Centre. She absolutely loves having mud baths! She splashes the water around, getting the mud and water all over herself and her caretakers! Vet Nurse Megan Sinclair says that it’s one of her favourite things to do. She has such a personality, just like every other animal at the rehab centre and it’s great to see her grow.

Amara is loving her new home:

Since arriving 11 weeks ago, she has completely adjusted to her new surroundings. She is 6 months old and is in great condition! She is starting to show more elephant-like behaviour and is learning how to use her trunk increasingly well. She thoroughly enjoys rolling around in the sand and loves going on her daily long walks. Patrick the sheep is her constant companion, they spend hours together and he is a great playmate! She loves her caretakers that spend countless hours looking after her.

The team behind the scenes:

Elephant calves are very intelligent and inquisitive, needing constant nurturing. Our wonderful, dedicated team work very hard and long hours to ensure that the animals at the rehab centre are well looked after. Often, animals come to the Shamwari Rehab Centre from all over South Africa because of the fantastic veterinary team that we are privileged to have here. The ultimate goal is to release animals back into the wild after rehabilitating them, and fortunately, we have had numerous successful cases in this regard.

Animals at the Rehab Centre:

Guests staying at Shamwari have the opportunity to meet Amara as well as all our other animals at the rehabilitation centre. She provides great company to the other animals. Some of her friends include Zoe the zebra, Spring the springbok and even the orphaned rhinos, Noelle, Winston and Chip!