In the spirit of Christmas, we treated the members and children of Khanya Care Centre, an orphanage in the local community of Paterson, to a Christmas party at Shamwari.

Christmas Party at the Wildlife Rehab Centre 

We fetched the children from Khanya Care Centre and drove them up to our Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, which helps to rehabilitate and care for sick, injured, abandoned or orphaned animals under the care of our professional veterinary team. We had arranged for them to have a tour of the centre and lunch with some sweets and treats.

Khanya Care Centre

On our way up to the centre the children saw springbok, a dazzle of zebra, an ostrich and impala! They were so excited to see so many animals.

Taba taking the children on a tour of WRC

Taba, one of the care takers, told the children about the rehabilitation centre and then took them on a tour where they could see some of the ‘patients’ in their care.

During the tour they saw many animals, including impala, elephants, blesbok, red-hartebeest and a spotted eagle owl! It wasn’t an interactive visit, but informative and educational experience, in order to give animals the best chance at a successful release.

Tour of WRC

Thereafter the children enjoyed lunch, some sweets and treats and sang songs. Fun was had by all!

lunch at WRC

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