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Life During Your Stay at a Safari Lodge

Going on safari is no doubt one of the most amazing holidays you could choose. At a luxury safari lodge, everything is taken care of whilst you spend your days on safari, relaxing poolside and indulging in delectable food and wine. At Shamwari Private Game Reserve, located in the malaria free Eastern Cape of South Africa, guests are treated like royalty.


What Is Ecotourism? | Shamwari

08 September 2020 | PUBLISHED BY admin

Per definition, ecotourism (also written eco tourism) is tourism directed towards exotic, often threatened natural environments and is intended to support conservation efforts while tourists get to enjoy observing the local wildlife. It is often referred to as a subset of the tourism industry and specifically, is a form of sustainable tourism or responsible tourism. According to TIES (The International Ecotourism Society), ecotourism is “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education.” More on ‘What Is Ecotourism?’ and All It Entails Ecotourism is becoming increasingly popular in

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Tourism Update: COVID-19 and Shamwari | Shamwari

The world has changed, as has the tourism sector which is facing unprecedented times. Tourism of South Africa is the country’s lifeblood and tourists want to know their safety is the main concern going forward. We are eager to welcome guests back to the reserve, showing that we’ve got you covered! What Shamwari Is Doing for Guests’ Continued Safety Shamwari Private Game Reserve has worked with professional health and Tourism South Africa travel industry bodies to develop a set of safety standards to mitigate the possibility of coronavirus spreading at our facilities once we reopen. Most of the luxury accommodation

The Big Five: Everything You Need to Know Before a Safari

If you’re a lover of animals and Africa, then you should be familiar with the term “the Big Five”. It refers to the five most dangerous animals to hunt in Africa and originated many years ago. However, times have changed and today the term is used widely to describe these powerful, majestic animals. They are considered the most sought-after animals to see when going on safari. In fact, many travellers have the Big Five at the top of their safari checklist. Familiarise yourself with these amazing animals before setting off on your next trip. What Are the Big Five So,

What to Expect From a Luxury Camping Holiday at Shamwari

You’ve never experienced luxury camping like this before. Shamwari Private Game Reserve is home to several unique luxury accommodation offerings. They are well-suited to meet different travellers’ holiday needs from family havens to romantic getaways and glamping paradises. Why You Should Choose to Go to a Game Reserve for Your Holiday Safari There are hundreds of reasons for us to convince you to go on holiday to a game reserve (private or national), but the one that tops it all is the safari experience. At Shamwari, you can be sure that the safari experience is second to none. You’ll get

Adventure is Out There: Experience a Luxury Safari in South Africa

Do you hear that? It’s the call of the wild. Answer it by indulging in a once in a lifetime luxury safari in South Africa. Feel in tune with nature by opting to stay at an exclusive tented camp – whether you prefer keeping it simple or living it up in the lap of luxury, Shamwari has the perfect accommodation option for you. Return to Nature for the Luxury South African Holiday of a Lifetime Are you in desperate need of a vacation to wash away the stresses of daily life – to reconnect with the natural world around you

Which of Our 8 Luxury Lodges in South Africa is Your Perfect Match

There are plenty of safari lodges scattered across the African continent, but only a rare few are something really special. Read on to discover what five things make a true luxury South African safari lodge. 5 Things That Make a Luxury South African Safari Lodge It’s possible for an establishment to claim they’re a luxury safari lodge, only for you to arrive and be thoroughly disappointed in what you’ve spent your vacation leave and money on. You don’t want to be that person. That’s why it’s so important to do thorough research before deciding on what South African safari lodge

Book a Vacation at One of the Best Game Reserves in South Africa

From your first point of contact with the reservations desk, up until the final moment of departure, you’re in for an exceptional experience at one of the best game reserves in South Africa – and the world. Discover how Shamwari’s hospitality, as well as a host of activities and accommodation options, ensures you have the trip of a lifetime. Why Shamwari is Considered a World-Class Game Reserve and Safari Destination Shamwari is a multi-award winning and critically acclaimed private game reserve in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province that places a high priority on both conservation and hospitality. Since 1998 we