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Baby elephant, Shamwari Game Reserve.

Baby elephant, Shamwari Game Reserve.

We are very happy to announce that Shamwari Game Reserve has a new elephant calf. The little female calf was born on the 30th of July and is fit and healthy, though still a bit unstable on her feet. During the last few weeks she has already learned so many new things from her mother, older brother and other members of the family. She loves dust bathing with her mom and exploring the fresh water of the Bushman’s River that meanders through the beautiful landscape of Shamwari.

The herd is very protective over the youngster and if any danger approaches in the form of a lion or an elephant bull they create a shield and make sure the danger is chased away as soon as possible.

Shamwari Game Reserve baby elephant South Africa

Life for this little elephant is all about exploring the bush, from smelling the different aromatic scents of the plants to meeting the other creatures sharing the environment with her. But most importantly, she’s trying to work out what the dangling appendage on her face is for.

She’s never too far away from the protection of mom and the nutritious milk that will help her grow into the big personality we can already envisage for her. We will keep a close eye on this little gem and update you on her adventures.

Shamwari baby elephant dust bath


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Leny van der Boon posted on 1 November 2013:

Very cute, especially the first year when a tiny calf can't control its trunk yet, making it look like a garden hose getting in the way of food. And their first struggle to get on their feet, within 15 minutes from birth!

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