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12 June 2013.

According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, the total number of rhino poached since the beginning of the year has risen to 408.

The number of rhino poached in the Kruger National Park, which bears the brunt of rhino poaching, increased to 265.

In North West, 46 rhino have been poached, while 38 have been killed in KwaZulu-Natal, 30 in Limpopo, 26 in Mpumalanga, 2 in the Eastern Cape and 1 in Gauteng.

The number of people arrested for rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park has risen to 56.

Three suspected poachers were arrested in the Pretoriuskop region yesterday (Tuesday) following an intelligence-driven operation by the SAPS, SANParks rangers and the Park’s Environmental Crimes Investigation Unit.

The number of people arrested on rhino poaching-related charges countrywide totals 121.

You are urged to report incidents of poaching and tip-offs to the anonymous tip-off lines 0800 205 005, 08600 10111 or Crime-Line on 32211.

Source: Department of Environmental Affairs website.

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Gabi Andreass posted on 11 August 2013:

I have donated more than $50.000 for the protection of the rhino since 1999 until the 2012. With no success as we can see about the poaching numbers. I am not the only one who is donating money. There are thousends of people who donate money. Where is the money going to? Why is there no success? Shoot those people who are robbing the world of the these precious animals. Humans will survive, but if the rhino is gone,it is gone for ever. Death penalty for every one who even thinks about killing a rhino. Only drastic actions will save the rhino.

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