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By Cindy Stadler

Last week the happy-sad day arrived. We had to say goodbye to the three young caracals who have been a part of our lives for the past 7 months.

These orphan kittens were brought to the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre by a farmer who’d found them abandoned on his land. Often persecuted for catching livestock, this farmer was kind enough to bring them in. For the past seven months these vulnerable youngsters have been hand reared by the vet nurse, initially feeding them with a bottle.They have now been successfully weaned and can hunt for themselves.

For the release the rehab team decided to open the enclosure gate of their boma and let them slowly get used to their new natural environment. They successfully left the area but did however return after a few nights away. We believe it is a transitional period and that after some time and persistence these three siblings will spend all their time in the wilderness, finally calling it home. We’ll keep you posted when we spot them on the protected area alongside Shamwari, living wild and free!

Read more about the Caracals stay at Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre here.

See images from the release on the Shamwari Conservation Experience Facebook Page.

Do you want to visit the Shamwari Conservation Experience as part of their 2 week Gap Year program and participate in events such as this? Get more info on their website or contact them at today.

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