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Words and images by Ranger Jone'.

In November 2012 we posted a blog on 3 caracal kittens that were brought to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Now only a few months later, these adorable fluffy kittens have grown up to be beautiful adult hunters. Soon they will be released onto Shamwari Game Reserve. You can see the photos of their release here or on our Facebook page.

These young cats will then have to fend for themselves and enjoy the freedoms and challenges that come with living wild and free. Good luck fending for yourselves little ones. See you out there.

Watch a video of the caracal kittens playing below.

To learn more about the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre click here.

You can visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre during your stay at Shamwari Game Reserve. See our latest specials, including Kids STAY FREE, here.



Caracal kittens Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre




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