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We have had a crazy baby boom in the last month. Everywhere you look there is some baby animal running around and trying to find its feet not too far from mommy. With winter over and summer in full swing the bush is lush, with enough food for the antelopes and the other herbivores. A healthy environment signals a good time for the little ones to be had.

Antelopes like impala will all conceive around the same time as they have a mating season. As all individuals of the same species have a similar gestation period, this results in all the babies being born at the same time, essentially flooding the market for the top predators. Its a great evolutionary adaptation as the predators are not able to take out all of those vulnerable babies at once, whereas if they were born consecutively throughout the year, it would be a different story.

Baby Boom, Shamwari Game Reserve

We are happy to say that weve seen most of the antelopes and the other mammals with new ones, including impala, blesbuck, springbuck, black wildebeest, rhino, elephants, hippo and warthogs. To keep up with all the new foot traffic the jackals, lions and birds of prey have also been out raising a new breed of hunters. Such is the balance of nature!

Baby Elephant and its Mom, Shamwari

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Thomas posted on 31 July 2013:

If you ever need someone to take care or raise a baby antelope I would be truly honored to help. I've done it many times before. I've got the patience to do it and I've got the heart of a mother. You can reach me via email. My email address is

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Thomas Daws posted on 31 July 2013:

I really love all those baby animal pics. I'm a HUGE fan of all animals. My heart is truely one with nature. I don't hunt at all I live on a farm and I look after every single wild animal on our farm. I have my own baby springbuck and she gets the best attention and she has the warmest habitat in our yard. I love her more than anything. Keep up all the good work Shamwari. I'm really glad to see all the animals thriving. It really warms my heart.

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Jaco Geldenhuys posted on 20 February 2013:

I love baby animals, they symbolize the beginning of a new era/season, and they are beautiful!

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