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Spotted Eagle Owl.

Spotted Eagle Owl.

By Jone' Fick
Shamwari Ranger

Things have been busy at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Shamwari lately. Some new patients have joined the centre in need of help over the last few weeks. Let’s introduce you to the new members:

A Spotted Eagle owl was found on a golf course sitting on the ground. After a check it looked like he had some brain damage. He was brought in and is doing much better. He is eating well and is on the road to recovery.

A young black headed heron was found in a neighbouring town where it fell out of its nest. As the pine tree had lots of nests, it was impossible to find out which nest it came from to try and put it back. It is the newest addition to the rehab patients and is also doing well. He will stay at the centre until he is fully fledged and can fly.

Chanting Goshawk Shamwari

A beautiful young Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk was found on a farm with a broken leg. The leg is now strapped and he is becoming more and more active as time goes by. This is good for building up the muscles and the healing process. When his leg has healed completely he will be released in the surrounding area.

The three cute caracal kittens are still doing very well. They were found on a farm when they were only a few days old. Their eyes were still closed and they couldn’t fend for themselves. They have grown a fair bit and they love to climb and explore their holding pen. Armed with very sharp little claws and teeth they’re not as easy to handle. They’re enjoying the meaty addition to their diet instead of just milk and will stay at the rehab centre for a while longer until they are fully adult. When they are fully grown caracals they will go back into the wild where they belong.

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Jess posted on 21 February 2013:

Hi. If possible, what are the requirements and/or necessary qualifications to be able to work in the rehabilitaion centre? I work for a Vet Wholesaler at the moment, and know a fair amount about animal medicine and animals. Please could you let me know. Thank you!

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