A Disabled Sable

2 June 2015 | The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre assists a local game farmer with a prosthetic leg for his valuable sable calf... Watch the video! Post a Comment

Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation Centre update

29 January 2014 | The Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation centre has been quite busy over the festive season and beginning of the year. Post a Comment

Caracal release ... take two..

29 October 2013 | You might remember that we released the three caracals at Shamwari's animal rehab centre a while ago? Post a Comment

New arrivals at Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

31 May 2013 | We have two new little patients at the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Post a Comment

Carcals Released Back Into The Wild

16 May 2013 | Three rescued caracals get returned back to the wild at Shamwari Game Reserve. Post a Comment

News on the 3 Caracal Kittens

29 April 2013 | From kittens to adult hunters, it will soon be time to release these cats onto Shamwari Game Reserve. Post a Comment

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Update

23 January 2013 | It's been busy at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Shamwari. We've had some new feathered friends join the centre in need of help in the last few weeks... Post a Comment

Giant Eagle Owl Release

4 December 2012 | On the 2nd of February 2012, the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre received a three month old giant eagle owl... Post a Comment

New Arrival - 3 Caracal Kittens!

16 November 2012 | We have three new baby caracals of just over two weeks old at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre... Post a Comment

Bushbuck Release

27 October 2012 | In October 2011, the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre welcomed a three month old bushbuck ewe... Post a Comment

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