Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation Centre update

29 January 2014 | The Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation centre has been quite busy over the festive season and beginning of the year. Post a Comment

Caracal release ... take two..

29 October 2013 | You might remember that we released the three caracals at Shamwari's animal rehab centre a while ago? Post a Comment

New arrivals at Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

31 May 2013 | We have two new little patients at the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Post a Comment

Carcals Released Back Into The Wild

16 May 2013 | Three rescued caracals get returned back to the wild at Shamwari Game Reserve. Post a Comment

News on the 3 Caracal Kittens

29 April 2013 | From kittens to adult hunters, it will soon be time to release these cats onto Shamwari Game Reserve. Post a Comment

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Update

23 January 2013 | It's been busy at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Shamwari. We've had some new feathered friends join the centre in need of help in the last few weeks... Post a Comment

Giant Eagle Owl Release

4 December 2012 | On the 2nd of February 2012, the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre received a three month old giant eagle owl... Post a Comment

New Arrival - 3 Caracal Kittens!

16 November 2012 | We have three new baby caracals of just over two weeks old at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre... Post a Comment

Bushbuck Release

27 October 2012 | In October 2011, the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre welcomed a three month old bushbuck ewe... Post a Comment

Rehabilitation Centre Update

14 June 2011 | The Shamwari rehabilitation centre has been quite busy lately. The two white lion cubs were returned back to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve almost two months ago to start the rebonding process with their mother. Word is they are doing very well and the interaction between mother and cubs is very good. Post a Comment

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